What Are Nerd’s Sweets?

Are you prepared to experience the intensely fruity and delicious pleasant preference of Wonka Nerds American sweet? It’s a tasty, fruit blast of a sweet treat!

Nerds are a traditional crunchy sweet created in the 1980s and an all-time favorite that is flavorsome and enjoyable. These tiny, tasty, crunchy, neon-colored mini candies come in new varieties from Rainbow Nerds to Large Chewy Nerds today. Click here for more details candy edibles nerd rope.

What’s your top Nerds flavor?

Nerds are renowned for creating different flavors, usually 2 flavors per box, with each flavor in a separate area. Grape and strawberry are among the most legendary Nerds flavor mixes.

Nerds’ flavors constantly hit the mark, and also among our preferred combos is What-A-Melon, therefore Extremely Cherry double pack.


Rainbow Nerds are a punchy mixed drink of delicious and crunchy sugary foods and must be the best dish for all Nerds lovers. You get all these Nerds flavors in one box– Strawberry (sweet and fruity), Grape (fresh as well as juicy), Orange (tangy), Lemon (zesty) as well, as Apple (sour and a little sharp).

According to those aware or ‘Nerds enthusiasts,’ obviously, the best Nerds flavor to ever exist is the Double Dipped Cherry Lemonade and Watermelon Apple; with that said description, it’s got to deserve a shot.

Have a look at these Nerd selections.

Nerds Rope is a gummy string with crispy Nerds connected to the exterior. Pick between Nerds Berry Rope or Tropical flavor for a crunchy, fruity string packed with wonderful Nerds.

Image this; Rainbow Nerds surrounding fruity, gummy centers in a poppable cluster loaded with delicious, crispy Nerds. Wow! That’s Nerds Gummy Collections, so tasty; no words exist to explain them.

For a genuine unpopular treat, try Large nerds rope easter in Orange, Lemon, Strawberry, and Grape to load a punch with chewy within and wrapped in a crispy exterior. For a sour kick, there’s Sour Big Chewy Nerds, who are wonderful and crispy outside and sour as well as chewy within, with four stunning flavors of Strawberry Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Blood Orange as well as Watermelon.

Are Nerds Vegan?

Unfortunately, Nerds usually are not vegan because they’re sold in multi-colors and also flavors which usually consist of a red or pink flavor with carmine in it, and carmine is not vegan pleasant. Depending upon where you fall on fabricated colors as well as sugar, you might be alright with some flavors. However, it’s a case of looking meticulously at the ingredients as well as making a judgment.

You’ll find a Nerds heaven right here at Candymail, and we market various flavors and also varieties of Nerds sugary foods, browse the full Nerds Collection here for delivery direct to your door.

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