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All fifty of the United States are included in the service area. Major cities covered include Phoenix, AZ; Tucson, AZ; Colorado Springs; Denver; Orlando; Jacksonville; Minneapolis; St. Paul; Charlotte; Albuquerque; Las Vegas; New York; Cincinnati; OH; Columbus; Portland; OR; Austin; El Paso and San Antonio; San Antonio and Salt Lake City; Seattle; and New York City.

Rent in a home: $49+ a month

The price of your internet service goes raise after a year because your special pricing has expired. Isn’t that a pain? Seeing this is enough to makes most people want to switch to a new service provider. It’s fortunate, then, that CenturyLink offers fiber customers a low price for life on their service.

Aside from their Price for Life and contract-free options, CenturyLink’s internet service stands out among the likes of AT&T and other major internet providers. In this year’s CenturyLink internet review, you will know through the plans, pricing, equipment, and customer service.

A Quick Guide to CenturyLink Internet

CenturyLink may only be familiar to new residents of the Seattle area because of CenturyLink Field, the home of the Seattle Seahawks. One of America’s fastest expanding fiber internet providers, CenturyLink competes with AT&T and Earthlink as well as Verizon Fios in various parts of the country. For internet service, DSL has become less popular, but CenturyLink is simultaneously expanding its fiber network to include more DSL customers. If you live in an area where CenturyLink offers a DSL internet service provider option, you should expect it to be among the top three.

An internet service provider’s reliability and speed are equally crucial, and CenturyLink Internet provides both. More than half of CenturyLink customers do not receive at least 95% of their claimed download speed, according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). That is the unfortunate part of opting for CenturyLink internet service.

While your kid is watching a show on Netflix, your husband can watch the game and you can do high-speed downloading, all at the same time. Whatever work you have, depending on your plan of CenturyLink, you can easily get it done without worrying about the speed and data.

With this fiber connection, experts have found that they can easily accomplish everything they want as quickly as they want it. As per experts, there is never a problem with buffering or lag, and the internet is lightning-fast 24 hours a day. This is effective even if you reside in a big city, thus, bear this factor in mind. Some CenturyLink customers have reported reduced connections, and the speeds vary based on where you reside.

CenturyLink’s Price for Life comes with a price, and it’s a big one. You’ll pay a little extra per month up front, but you won’t see a significant price increase once the special rate expires, and that’s fine with me. When you can receive dependable speeds at a certain price, it’s hard to match. One of the things that set CenturyLink apart from the competition is that they don’t employ gimmicks or hidden fees to lure customers in the first place.


The price for Life promise means no price increases. Quality and speed of fiber-optic internet service – No-contract options

The downside is that all plans come with a data cap

DSL internet rates are pricey when compared to cable or fiber-optic plans – Poor customer service ratings

Is CenturyLink’s Internet service fast? What are CenturyLink’s plans and speeds?

Despite the fact that Centurylink Florida promotes five internet plans with speeds ranging from 10 to 940 Mbps, only the up to 100 Mbps and Gigabit (or up to 940 Mbps) plans are truly worth considering due to their pricing: All plans with speeds up to 100 Mbps are covered by the Price for Life Guarantee, but each plan will cost $49. When compared to the other 100 Mbps plans have a fair price, but you can get faster service from Earthlink, AT&T, and Suddenlink for less money.

There’s no middle ground between 100 and 940 Mbps. Because they charge lower costs (like $44.99 for up to 300 Mbps), suppliers like Suddenlink stand out from CenturyLink in this regard. The 100 Mbps package, on the other hand, works well for most people, especially if they have a busy family.

The Data Capacity of CenturyLink

Most people wish internet service providers would follow the lead of cell phone operators and offer unlimited data plans. There is a one terabyte (TB) monthly data cap on all CenturyLink Internet plans. Most service providers say data limits are in place to guarantee that everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy a quick internet connection. Verizon Fios, Frontier FiberOptic, and AT&T Fiber all offer unlimited gigabit data plans, and those speeds are generally lightning fast. If you need more than 1TB, check out Spectrum.

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